Brass Screw in Anchors

They are flushed into concrete around the pool at an appropriate distance depending on the shape and size of the pool cover. They are used with Stainless Steel Springs and PVC Straps for fastening the Winter Pool Cover.

Brass Screw in Anchors Brass Screw in Anchors

Brass anchors and Concrete brass anchor assembly for in-ground swimming pool safety covers and mesh covers. Solid brass screw-type anchors fit in the pools perimeter decking and are used to anchor the Safety Cover for the off-season. These Screw up anchors concrete anchors and pop up anchors are CNC machined from CDA 360 Brass and can withstand high pressure. Brass Concrete Anchor for attaching a Safety Pool Cover to a concrete deck. When installed and not in use, it can be screwed flush with deck.  Other accessories we offer along with Brass Winter pool safety cover anchor are :

  • Stainless Steel Springs for pool cover installation
  • Stainless Steel Safety Cover Buckles
  • Brass Wood Deck anchors
  • Brass Flanges for Anchors
  • Stainless Steel installation rods
  • Aluminum Tamping tools
  • Vinyl Spring covers
  • PVC extension Straps
  • Aluminium Lawn Stakes