Brass Pipe Clamps

Pressed, Stamped and Cast Clamps / Saddles / Clips for conduit and plumbing Pipe Fittings from sizes 12 mm to 75 mm, and 1/2’’ to 3’’.

Brass Pipe Clamps Brass Saddles Pipe Clamp Brass Pipe Clamps Brass Pipe Clamps
Brass Pipe Clamps Brass Pipe Clamps
Material :  Brass, Copper and Bronze
Finish : Chrome, Nickel and Natural
Note : Custom made Pipe Clamps and Pipe Support Systems can be offered.

We also produce Stainless Steel hanger clamps hospital brackets pipe saddles Munsen dings for the UK plumbing and pipe fitting market. Brass earth clamps for earthing are also produced. For electrical market we offer ground rod to cable clmaps A Clamps Rod to Lug clamps etc.