Cup Washers in Copper and Brass

We offer various types of Brass Cup Washers Copper Cup Washers for fixing of wood screws. Our Cup Washers in Copper and Brass are made by pressing as well as turning.

We can also offer Stainless Steel cup washers and Aluminum cup washers from our factory in Jamnagar. We are one of the leading manufacturers exporters and suppliers of Brass Cup washers to 28 countries of the world.

Cup Washers in Copper and Brass Cup Washers in Copper and Brass Cup Washers in Copper and Brass

Brass Cup washers are also available form machining. Brass turned screw cups and machined Brass screw cups are available at best pricing from Brass Products Jamnagaar India.

We make at our factory in Jamnagar india- high quality Brass Screw cups and Knurled Brass Sockets bar turned machinedCup washers and cups for Brass CSk head Screws for better fixing of wood screws. These screw sockets and Brass knurled cup washers provide good seat for fixings and ensure perfect clamping of wood screws into any surface.

Brass Cup Washers Brass Screw Cups Washers Copper and Brass Cup Washers

  • Brass pressed from high quality sheets
  • For use with Brass countersunk wood screws  and Brass self tapping screws
  • Gauge sizes : No. 4 (2.9mm), No. 6 (3.5mm), No. 8 (4.2mm), No. 10 (4.8mm), No. 12 (5.5mm), No. 14 (6.3mm),